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2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Call Billy at
for schedule

JAN' 2010
Register on the DAY

Ballroom Dance lessons will begin this Sunday Jan 17, 2010

Taught by Dance Masters of Richmond

Rock Foster
Katherine Lewis
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     Rock Foster is the original owner and founder of Dance Masters, begun in 1987 in Richmond. His second studio opened in 2007 in Colonial Heights.
   He has taught thousands of people Ballroom, Swing, Latin, Country Western and Social Dance. In 1992, Foster started the Fine Arts Department for children, teens and adults.
    Competing in Ballroom and Country, he has won the Top Studio and Top Teacher awards. He has hosted numerous Showcases, taught Cotillions, and performed for many events and organizations. He appeared in the television commercial for HCA, Henrico Doctors Hospital, with partner Sharon Colquhoun, which ran during the 2008 Olympics.
   Foster is a member of the USSDC (United States Showcase & Dance Challenge) and will host an event on Saturday, Feb. 20 in Colonial Heights. Spectator tickets are available by calling 804-520-8100.

 " Dance Masters of Richmond "

    Katherine Lewis began Ballroom dancing at Dance Masters in 2001.
She competes in Ballroom and Country Western, performs in Showcases and Demonstrations and assists with Cotillions. She teaches private lessons, group classes and bridal couples at both locations, and handles marketing and promotions.

Tell any of your friends that may be interested,
only $10.00 per person per lesson.

6:30 to 8:00pm

JUNE 2008
Register on the night

"Line Dancing"

Your opportunity to improve and/or learn 'Line Dancing' with instruction from Randy Jenkins, who has been dancing for 10 years and teaching for 5 years.

The program starts on Monday June 2008, you can register on the night, and its only $25 per month.

Line Dancing is fun and good exercise,
"I look forward to seeing you."

Randy Jenkins


Published February 2007

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